Mayan Mysteries Added to GEBD

Apr 16, 2014

Mayan Mysteries Added to Global Education Database
April 16, 2014

The Global Education Database has given Mayan Mysteries 4 stars as a review.

Tech & Learning What's New

Mar 31, 2014

April 2014, What’s New
Tech & Learning
March 31, 2014

Dig-It! Games has unveiled its newest Mayan Mysteries character, “Anna,” designed by 9th-grade student Michaela M.

Bethesda Row Blog Dig-It! Games New Location

Mar 19, 2014

Bethesda Row Blog
March 19, 2014

Dig-It! Games has moved over to 7801 Norfolk Avenue, overlooking Veterans Park in downtown Bethesda.

Tech & Learning Newest Educational Apps

Jan 03, 2014

What's New
Tech & Learning
January 3, 2014

Loot Pursuit: Tulum makes the list of the newest educational apps.

Sylvan Learning Featured App

Dec 01, 2013

Educational Apps for Children  
Sylvan Learning
December 1, 2013

Mayan Mysteries was featured as a Parents’ Choice Award-winning app that will educate and entertain.

iKids Awards 2014

Nov 29, 2013

iKids Awards 2014
Animation World Network
November 29, 2013

Kidscreen named Loot Pursuit: Tulum a finalist in the second-annual iKids Awards Best Learning App (Smartphone) category.

Creative Child Magazine Media of the Year

Nov 27, 2013

Media of the Year- Mayan Mysteries
Creative Child Magazine
November 27, 2013

The award-winning Mayan Mysteries educational game picked up yet another honor after earning Media of the Year from Creative Child Magazine.


Video Review: Mayan Mysteries

Nov 16, 2013

Mayan Mysteries Award Winning Educational Online Game
3 boys and a dog
November 16, 2013

Watch and listen as a real home school educator plays through the award-winning Mayan Mysteries.


Loot Pursuit – A Free & Fun Math Game for Students’ iPads

Oct 02, 2013

 Loot Pursuit – A Free & Fun Math Game for Students’ iPads
iPad Apps for School
October 2, 2013

Learn more about Dig-It! Games' latest hit with a write-up by app reviewer Richard Byrne on his blog, iPad Apps for School.


Back to School Apps - TIME for Kids

Sep 06, 2013

Cover Story - Back to School
TIME Magazine for Kids
September 6, 2013

TIME Magazine for Kids includes Can U Dig It! in its list of recommended apps for students.

Back-to-School Teachers' Picks: Tech Time

Sep 01, 2013

There's no better seal of approval than that of teachers from across the country. In Scholastic Instructor Magazine's Back-to-School Teachers' Pick product round-up, homeschool educator Laura Leggott praised Mayan Mysteries for the amount of information presented. 


Mayan Math

Aug 26, 2013

Mayan Math
Class Tech Tips
August 26, 2013 

Educational technology blog Class Tech Tips highlights MayaNumbers as an enrichment activity for the math classroom and resource to bring Mayan civilization to life.

Learn how Archaeology and EdTech Go Together using Dig-It! Games

Aug 24, 2013

Learn how Archaeology and EdTech Go Together using Dig-It! Games
August 24, 2013

Watch Dig-It! Games President and Founder Suzi Wilczynski showcase the company's complete line of games, and even get a sneak peek of an upcoming game!


5 Math Apps for Middle School Students

Aug 23, 2013

5 Math Apps for Middle School Students
August 23, 2013

Equip your children and students with MayaNumbers, No. 1 on Mind/Shift's list of math apps for middle school students.


Freebee Friday: Puzzled on the First Day

Aug 23, 2013

Freebee Friday: Puzzled on the First Day
Scholastic Administr@tor Magazine
August 23, 2013

What better way to get students excited about learning than with games? Scholastic Administr@tor Magazine outlines Can U Dig It! in this Freebee Friday blog post.


I have a little bit of a confession. I had as much fun with this game as [my son] did. We "investigated" together.

- Rebekah
Homeschool Mom