Roman Town


We appreciate your interest in the award-winning Roman Town, our very first game!

Roman Town is currently being updated with new puzzles, new content and fresh new graphics.  We'll have it back in the store in no time!

We promise it will have the same high-quality gameplay that will encourage players to excavate, analyze, explore and learn.


Bring History to life with the award-winning Roman Town: the game that lets you be an archaeologist. This truly unique and innovative educational computer game turns players into real archaeologists while immersing them in ancient history. Created by a professional archaeologist and teacher, Roman Town brings history to life in a way no book or board game can. Real archaeology on your computer.

Players excavate, analyze, explore and learn in this fun, interactive game. Roman Town lets you experience the thrill of uncovering ancient objects while learning real archaeological techniques. The dig is just the beginning. Fun puzzles and mini-games exercise puzzle skills as players study valuable artifacts. Along the way players interact with ancient Roman characters to solve mysterious secrets and learn what life was like for kids centuries ago.

Roman Town is more than a game; it is a hands-on learning experience that emphasizes player-driven learning, problem-solving and analytical thinking.  In the classroom, Roman Town is especially effective when played on a SMART Board: students can literally dig in with their fingers and work collaboratively on a realistic simulation of an authentic excavation site.  The Educator's Manual (included free with the Teacher's Edition) makes it easy to integrate Roman Town into a class curriculum or learning lab.  Click here for more information on using Roman Town in your classroom.


I would recommend this for both parents who want a computer game that is actually fun and educational [and] teachers and home schoolers too.

- R. Maas
Atlanta, GA